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3011 S Corona St Englewood , CO 80113

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Frequently Asked Questions


Custom Outdoor Designs And Installations

  • What Is The Difference Between Landscaping And Hardscaping?
    Modern landscaping refers to the design and construction of gardens and other features that create usable space for outdoor activities and enhance the appearance of a home. Hardscaping includes constructions made from non-organic materials like stone. These often include retaining walls, decks, firepits, and more. For a team of landscaping contractors Littleton, CO loves, give JRM Landscape & Design a call today.
  • Why Should I Hire A Professional Landscaper?
    Hiring a professional landscaper gets the job done right the first time. We have the expertise and knowledge to design functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. We can also provide advice on plant selection, soil conditions, irrigation systems, proper maintenance, and designs, ultimately saving you time and effort while ensuring quality results. Contact us today to speak with the landscaping contractors Littleton, CO residents recommend.
  • What Factors Affect The Cost Of Landscaping Services?
    The cost of landscaping services can vary based on several factors, including the size of the project, the complexity of the design, the types of materials and plants used, the equipment and labor required, and the project's location. Additional factors that can impact the cost include the need for site preparation, excavation, or specialized equipment. For more information about residential or commercial lawn maintenance in Littleton, CO, give us a call.
  • Why Should I Have A Paver Patio Installed By A Professional?
    Professional paver patio installers have extensive knowledge and experience working with various paver materials, patterns, and installation techniques. They understand the intricacies of proper site preparation, base compaction, and ensuring proper drainage. Their expertise ensures that the patio is installed correctly and in a way that minimizes the risk of uneven surfaces, shifting, or pooling water. Our team of landscaping contractors in Littleton, CO can help you add a patio and outdoor living space to your home.
  • How Do I Find A Reliable Landscaper?
    You can start by asking for recommendations from friends, neighbors, or local businesses. Online reviews can provide additional insights into previous clients' experiences with different local landscaping companies. In fact, according to IBISWorld, there are over 647,000 landscaping companies in the United States as of 2023. With that in mind, carefully consider a company's experience, portfolio, certifications, and client testimonials before hiring them. If you're looking for reliable commercial lawn maintenance in Littleton, CO, contact us today.
  • Is There A Consultation Or Design Fee?
    Yes, depending on the job, there will be a design or consultation fee when you work with our landscaping contractors in Littleton, CO.
  • What Is The Benefit Of Having Artificial Turf?
    One reason to consider artificial turf in Colorado is its water-saving benefits. The state is known for its arid climate, limited water resources, and periodic drought conditions. Installing artificial turf can significantly reduce water usage compared to maintaining a natural grass lawn. Since artificial turf doesn't require regular watering, you can conserve a significant amount of water, contribute to water conservation efforts, and potentially save on water bills. Additionally, artificial turf remains green and lush throughout the year, even in Colorado's dry and fluctuating climate, providing an aesthetically pleasing landscape without the need for excessive watering. Contact us today to learn more about the work our landscaping contractors in Littleton, CO perform.
  • Should I Have A Water Feature Installed By A Certified Aquascape Contractor?
    While it is not mandatory to have a certified aquascape contractor install a water feature, hiring such a professional can offer several advantages. Aquascape certification indicates that the contractor has undergone specific training and has demonstrated expertise in designing and installing water features. Contact us today for more information about landscaping installations and commercial lawn maintenance in Littleton, CO.
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Address: 3011 S Corona St Englewood , CO 80113

Time: Mon - Fri: 8:00 am -
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Certified Aquascape Contractor

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